Water Treatment & Filtration3-Stage Treatment Process


1. Coarse Filtration
Removes solids over 20 micron (removes dirt, rust, sediment, leaf matter).

In tank water, these solids are typically decaying leaf matter and dirt. Removing them with course filtration increases the life of finer filters.

2. Fine Filtration
Removes small solids and cysts over 1 micron (removes parasitic cysts and fine particles).

These fine filters are suitable for trapping cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. They also continue to clean smaller particles and solids from your drinking water.

3. UV Disinfection

Bird and animal droppings can contaminate your tankwater catchment area with microorganisms such as; viruses, bacteria and parasitic cysts. UV light generated at 254 nanometers inactivates micro-organisms by damaging their DNA. Without their ability to reproduce they cannot cause infection.