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sika-flooring-liningThe Sikafloor product range starts with Liquid Hardeners, Dryshakes and Curing/Sealing Compounds for improved performance and surface finish of concrete floors. For resin-based flooring, Sikafloor epoxy and polyurethane systems and PU mortars of the PurCem range have set standards in quality and durability which allow us to provide the best systems to suit customer needs.

Osmotic pressure arising from excessive moisture in the substrate, particulary in young or damp concrete, is a common cause for de-bonding of flooring systems. The unique and proven Sika EpoCem technology allows the coating of vapour-proof systems onto such substrates without the risk of subsequent de-bonding.

Application & Product sheets

Epoxy Resin Based Flooring
Polyurethane Resin Based Flooring
Cementitious Based Flooring
Containment Lining
Supporting Materials