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Greenlack is a waterborne coating designed for finishing fine woodwork. It has exceptional film clarity that retains the natural warmth and character desired by professional wood finishers. It offers a quick dry, low VOC, non-yellowing, HAPs free, easy sanding, and one-component waterborne clear coating for interior wood surfaces.

The environmentally friendly formula suitable for children’s furniture perfectly that is sensitive to harsh chemicals.

Uses: Fine residential furniture, laminated wood flooring, parquet, stairwells, millwork, moldings, interior doors, and picture frames.

Appearance: Translucent liquid

Finishes: Semi-Gloss, Matte


  • End sealer for green logs and lumber.
  • Apply immediately after cutting or sawing.
  • Reduces up to 90% or more of end checking.
  • Reduce losses: Conserves resources and improves yield.
  • Helps prevent blue stain in logs.

Viscous, white liquid that dries clear (unless pigmented).

Available Quantities:
Industrial: 55-gallon Drum /195 Kg.



Antichecking is a flowable, milky white liquid. It reduces warping, splintering and crackling in wood caused by swelling and shrinkages due to changes in wood moisture.

Antichecking can be use for interior or exterior condition and for treated and untreated wood. Suitable for use on decks, garden furniture, particle boards, log ends and other wood surfaces.

  • Excellent water repellant features
  • High solid content
  • Easy application
  • Ready to use

It’s a fine homogeneous dispersion of petroleum wax in water held in suspension with emulsifiers.

Enseal Clear Extra



Size: 1 quart (0.946L), 1 gallon (3.785L), 400ml (Aerosol)


Enseal Clear Extra is a clear penetrating solvent based wood preservative which provides a complete envelop seal of protection against insect attack and decay.

Enseal Clear Extra is a notched or bored treated timber.

Use after wood has been cut, machined or drilled such as beams, poles, joist, piles, posts, rails, handrails, decks, etc.

Colourless liquid with a solvent odour.

Canopy Wood Filler


Size: 500 g, 1.5 kg, 6 kg, 10 kg


  • Water based polymer wood filler used to repair defects in furniture, cabinets, MDF, plywood and other wood working applications.
  • Smooth applications and the unique characteristic enables the product to hold on the knife. Would not shrink, crack or fall out. Takes nails, screws, planning, sawing, drilling and routing. Non flammable, toxic and yellowing.
  • Heat proof and freeze proof. Fast drying and easy to apply.

Canopy Aquashield


Size: 1 quart (0.946L), 1 gallon (3.785L), 5 gallon (18.93L), 400ml (Aerosol)


  • Penetrates deep into dry porous materials such as masonry, wood, concrete, brick and canvas where it solidifies and hardens the material from within.
  • It allows surface to breathe when moisture is trapped. Resistance to biological damages and salt water.
  • For internal and intermittent wetting.

Canopy Sanding Sealer/ Matt/ Gloss


Size: 1 quart (0.946L), 1 gallon (3.785L), 5 gallon (18.93L)


  • Non yellowing nitro cellulose based lacquer, quick drying.
  • Will not chip and peel.
  • Can be applied on surface and paneling.
  • Good heat and scratch resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to water and household chemicals.
  • For wood furniture, wood moulding, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, wood paneling.
  • Available in sanding sealer, matt and gloss.

Canopy Polyurethane Finish



Size: 1 quart (0.946L), 1 gallon (3.785L)

  • Impregnated with UV absorbers and inhibitors. No cracking, flaking and peeling.
  • Can be applied on latex and emulsion painted surface of kitchen walls, restaurant walls and bathroom walls.
  • As a tough waterproof and long lasting protection for wallpaper, P.V.C. and cork.
  • Great resistance to scuff and scratch.
  • Virtually odour free, non toxic and environmentally safe for indoor uses. Can be re-coated after 2 hours.
  • Ideal finish for timber flooring, parquet floor, table top, decorative door and trim, cabinet, moulding and paneling.
  • Available in matt, satin and gloss.

Canopy Wipe On



Size: 1/3 quart (315ml), 1 quart (0.946L), 1 gallon (3.785L), 5 gallon (18.93L)

  • A gel stain unlike any liquid stain, vanish or shellac.
  • Formulated for easy application.
  • It does not drip, dry or sag, no lap marks, no grain raising.
  • Colour foundation is compatible with all types of lacquer, PU, NC, AC and acrylic.
  • Ideal for vertical surface.
  • Colour is consistent from start to finish; stirring is not required.
  • Resistant to fading, peeling and blistering.
  • Ideal for wood, fiberglass, metal and composite doors, furniture, cabinets, moulding, veneer and wall paneling.

Canopy Brush On


  • canopy_brush_on

    Size: 1 quart (0.946L), 1 gallon (3.785L), 5 gallon (18.93L)

    A premium quality, deep penetrating non-drying oil based sealer, contains ultra-violet additives and special oils formulation for long lasting and beautiful natural colours.

  • Resistant to UV rays, protects against insects and discolouration.
  • Penetrate into wood pores where it solidifies and harden the wood surfaces from within.
  • It allows wood to breathe when moisture is trapped, hence eliminating cracking, peeling and blistering.
  • Removal of previous finishes is not necessary, making re-coating easy.
  • Scratches and blemishes are easily repaired on the spot.