Lightweight Blocks (AAC)LeichtBric AAC


leichtbric_aac_regular_bloc LeichtBric AAC Regular Blocks
Size: 600mm x 200mm
Thickness: 75-300mm


leichtmix_mortar_thin_bed_mortar_lm301 LeichtMix Mortar Thin Bed Adhesive LM 301

LeichtBric Premium AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) is a high-grade masonry material that is both light weight and solid, and that can be used internally and externally. It has excellent thermal properties and insulation best suited for energy savings application. The precision-cut dimensions allow surfaces to be built with unmatched evenness, therefore greatly reducing time, labour and finishing material used in completion. Most important is certified Green and Environmentally-friendly product, underscoring the undeniable emphasis on social responsibility and sustainability in building tommorow’s world.

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Recommended Applications

light_weight Light Weight
Conventional Clay Bricks is 1800-2000 kg/m3, while LeichtBric Premium AAC is only 500 kg/m3, making it exceptionally easy to work with at job sites.
precision Precision
Unlike other masonry products, LeichtBric AAC is wire-cut with a tolerance of +/-1~2mm. This precision creates an unrivalled smooth and even wall surface, and further enhanced if the blocks are inter-locking, resulting in reduced façade finishing material and man-hours to complete the work.
fire_resistance Fire Resistance
LeichtBric Premium AAC scores well for fire resistance of up to 4 hours. It is tested and certified to stringent BS 476 Part 22 standard by national accreditation centres in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. LeichtBric Premium AAC is non-combustible, so don’t worry about it exploding!
fast_installation Fast Installation
LeichtBric Premium AAC can be cut with power saws, sanded, shaped, drilled, nailed, sculpted and grooved. These flexibilities at job sites are helpful in faster installation and cost savings.
high_thermal_insulation High Thermal Insulation
LeichtBric Premium AAC has great thermal qualities, making it ideal to keep the interior cool in hot weather countries, and warm in cold weather ones. It helps to keep energy cost low too.
acoustics Acoustics
LeichtBric AAC boasts good sound insulation, being tested to world Standards ASTM E90 / ISO 717-1. Its porous surface helps to reduce outside noise pollution and indoor echo effects.
non_toxic Non Toxic
LeichtBric Premium AAC is made of organic material of sand, lime, cement and air. It is safe to work with.
green Green
Leichtbric Premiun AAC applies more than 35% recycled content in the manufacturing process, creating sustainable and green solutions for building applications. LeichtBric AAC is certified Green Lable product by the “Singapore Environment Council”.
impact Impact
Despite its light weight, LeichtBric Premium AAC withstands impact damages and acute pressure from small and hard bodies, ideally applied as infill and partition walls. It is tested to the rigorous Standards BS5234/SS492 Strength and Robustness.