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ViO-2 Series

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Output: 30.6 hp (22.8kW) Operating Weight: 9614/10033 lbs (4360/4550kg)


Output: 37.4 hp (27.9kW) Operating Weight: 11290/11709 lbs (5120/5310kg)

  • True Zero Tail Swing.
  • VICTAS (ViO Crawler Technology by Advanced Stability) provides an expanded track gauge for more stability without increasing undercarriage width, and the short-pitch rubber crawler permits more comfortable traveling.
  • VIPPS (ViO Progressive 3-Pump System) increases power and speed, and reduces fuel consumption.
  • Clean exhaust and powerful output. The people-friendly Yanmar C&S (Clean and Silent) engines are approved under the emissions and the noise regulations of the EU (Europe) and the EPA (United States).