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fortis-sanding-beltsWe are the sole distributor of Fortis abrasives in Malaysia, focusing the complete range of high quality coated abrasive product and accessories.

Fortis is a trademark name for coated abrasives product from PT Daya Satya Abrasives, a leading coated abrasive manufacturing company based in Surabaya, Indonesia.

For over 27 years, PT Daya Satya Abrasive had been established itself as the leading coated abrasive manufacturer for the woodworking, plywood and metal working in Indonesia.

Fortis abrasives can be found all over the world from both upstream industries (Sanding plywood) to downstream industries (Polishing wood pieces in furniture industry) as well as for other non-wood industries such as metalwork, glass and plastic manufacturing.


Paper Sanding Belt : HFY831


Paper Sanding Belt: HFY831

Paper belts are normally used on the finishing heads of wide belt sanders.

Paper belts of the same grit size are less costly and will typically produce a higher quality finish.

Anti-static belts offer additional benefits in many application.


Cloth Sanding Belt: RFY86 & RFY91

Cloth backed belts are normally used on primary contact roll heads because of the potential for breakage when thick and tapered parts are randomly fed into the sander.

Cloth backed belts will withstand shock caused by dimensional variation which may cause breakage of paper wide belts.

Cloth Sanding Belt: RFY86


Cloth Sanding Belt: RFY91