Home Pressure SystemTorrium®2 Pressure System Controller

torrium2It’s not easy living with water pressure problems. Poor or inconsistent water pressure can result in a broad range of problems, especially where the pump is the sole source of pressure to the household. Plus, no-one wants their pump cycling overnight because of a drop in water pressure.

That’s why Davey invented the extremely clever Torrium®2 Pressure System Controller. Five years in the making and thousands of hours of world-wide, in the field testing have culminated in a Pressure System Controller that can actually think for itself.

The Torrium®2 can automatically adapt to changing conditions…because it has an in-built titanium mounted ‘brain’ that can out-smart everyday problems. It also means there are fewer installation and maintenance issues. This unique ability to respond to changing circumstances ensures a steady, reliable flow of water is virtually guaranteed day after day, year after year.