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Submerged Arc Power Source



POWERPLUS® 1000HD is designed for constant current and constant voltage Submerged Arc Welding. The welding arc is stable over a wide range of parameters and the output can be precisely controlled. The power source is combined with the Lincoln Electric Rover™ Tractor to create a robust automatic welding package.

POWERPLUS® 1000HD is rugged and reliable to operate in the harshest welding conditions. It is often used for welding mild steel, low alloy steel, and stainless steel. The POWERPLUS® 1000HD can also be used by itself for carbon arc gouging. It is used in many industries, such as shipbuilding, wind tower and pressure vessels.

Submerged Arc, Gouging

Wire Feeder Options
Rover™ Tractor

Required Options
Tractor, Control Cable, Welding Cable, Work Cable with Clamp, Track

Wire Feeder: Rover™ Tractor

Submerged Arc Wire Feeder

Rover™ Tractor

Rover™ Tractor

Rover™ Tractor is a self-propelled automatic tractor designed for submerged arc welding. It easily follows the welding joint when moving along the required track sections (sold separately). It can be connected with the POWERPLUS® 1000HD, Idealarc® DC-1000 and Idealarc® DC-1500. The Rover™ Tractor is sturdy, durable and has a compact profile. It can be used to weld a wide range of thicknesses of mild steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel. The Rover™ Tractor is the ideal choice for welding applications such as shipbuilding, structural steel, boilers and pressure vessels.

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