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My Cool Bubbles™

My Cool Bubbles™

Polynum™ – a family of superior Thermal Reflective Insulation products designed for wide range of insulation applications, for both, summer and winter.

Polynum™ a FIBER FREE PRODUCT constructed of pure aluminium foil (at least 99%) attached to Fire Retardant NON-DRIPPING close-cell polyethylene bubble sheeting in thermal process without GLUE or chemicals.

Polynum™ unique design blocks 97% of the radiated heat (gain or loss), which penetrates (or escapes) any given structure or building.

Polynum™ distributed to more than 40 countries worldwide complying with insulation standards and regulations (ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS, UL, AS/NZ, DIT and much more).

Polynum™ products are monitored regularly by leading laboratories (such as PSB) for product listing. As recognition for their contribution to the environment and energy preservation Polynum™ products are accredited with prestige awards from numerous companies and organizations.

polynum_reflect_heatMajority (93%) of heat flow into buildings would be in the form of Radiation Heat.

All Polynum products providing low emissivity (0.03 to 0.05) with excellent heat resistance (R-value) ranging from R 12 to R 22²ºF).

Polynum unique close-cell polyethylene bubbles are fire retardant non-dripping and presenting no safety concerns to users.polynum_close-cell