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In its many configurations, the SS & T30 air compressor has been applied in every thinkable industry, both manufacturing and service which use compressed air. Designed for heavy industrial applications, the single and two stage reciprocating air compressors provide the quality and performance that exceed customer requirements.


Type 30, Two-Stage Series

Designed for heavy shop or industrial use, Ingersoll Rand two stage electric air compressors provide the reliability and performance that are ideal for most applications and users including automotive service and body shops, fleet maintenance, machine shops, production and manufacturing lines, wood working shops, dry cleaners, car washes, general maintenance/repair shops and farms.

SS & T30 Air Compressor

SS & T30 Air Compressor

We offer Standard Package which comes with

  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Pump
  • Efficient Electric Motor
    • Built-in thermal relay (single phase)
    • TEFC IP54 protection, Class F insulation (Three phase)
  • Highly Reliable Magnetic Starter
    • Direct-on-line (3hp-10hp)
    • Star Delta (15hp-30hp)
  • Time Proven Parts & Components
  • Totally Enclosed Wire Beltguard
  • ASME Coded Air Receiver with 3rd Party Certification
Standard Package 2475K5/8

Standard Package 2475K5/8

T30 Piston Type
Single & Two Stage Cast Iron Industrial Reciprocating Air Compressors
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