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“3S” & TGW Abrasive Wheel/Grinding Wheels

Grinding wheels are used extensively in all woodworking industries especially Sawmill.

It’s an abrasive to sharpen cutting tools such as bandsaw blades, circular saws, planner knifes and etc.

Its can be differ by abrasive materials, grit (grain size), grade of hardness, structure, bond type and shapes to cater the different requirements.




“3S” Diamond Wheel

Designed specifically for sharpening tungsten carbide cutting tools such as TCT circular saw and TCT planner knife.

Different shapes of diamond wheels used to sharpen different types of tungsten carbide cutting tools.

The diamond wheel can differ in outer diameter, wheel shapes, concentration, grit size and bores.


“3S” Cylinder Wheel

It’s a special nut inserted disc wheel for grinding of knives in plywood, particleboard, and others related industrial.

Better surface finishing, faster materials removal, higher wheel life and damage free from grinding are the features for 3S cylinder wheel.