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Imagine if your air-conditioning system could run with significantly less than half the electricity cost of other competing systems. Pansar is one of the select providers with extensive experience in gas heat pump air-conditioning systems.

Yanmar Gas Heat Pump (GHP) variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air-conditioning systems provide very high efficiency heating and cooling solutions for all kinds of buildings. By using gas to power a world class Yanmar gas engine to drive the system, these reversible air-source heat pumps can give low running costs, reduce CO2 emissions and use very little electricity.

This Yanmar technology has been perfected over the past 3 decades, and with around 250,000 installations these systems have provided comfort and economy to users in a multitude of buildings.

Typical applications include:

  • office buildings
  • shopping centers
  • hotels
  • industrial facilities
  • supermarkets
  • leisure centers
  • hospitals
  • showrooms
  • restaurants
Comparison of GHP and EHP

GHP and EHP systems can both provide cooling and heating but there is a key difference in the way the compressor is driven. In a GHP system heat from the gas engine is used to give high efficiency and high performance.


By utilizing the heat from the gas engine a GHP system can maintain powerful heating performance even with low outdoor air temperatures. Models are also available that use this heat to produce hot water from the unit in cooling operation.

Yanmar GHP Chiller Catalogue and Datasheet