Lightweight Blocks (AAC)Greencon

Greencon AAC Standard Block
Size: 600mm x 200mm
Thinkness: 75-200mm

IBS System & Green Product

Greencon AAC blocks provide superior strength that gives resistance against cracks, impact strength and acoustic performance. The blocks can be used in internal and external applications, either as infill or load-bearing walls.

Greencon AAC blocks can be easily cut into different sizes with tungsten carbide-tipped handsaw that gives maximum flexibility and minimizes wastage.



Low Construction Cost
Greencon blocks are approximately 1/3 the weight of normal concrete. Total construction cost saving can be achieved through reduction in working load of foundation and steel bar.
2X Faster Installation
AAC wall installation rate is doubled (2x), compared to conventional brickworks. This is largely due to lighter weight, bigger in size and easier application in skimcoat.
CIDB IBS Certified
Greencon AAC blocks are CIDB IBS certified. With our blocks, contractors able to reduce the wastage, unskilled workers, less volume of building materials, increased construction site cleanliness and better quality control.
Green Product
Greencon AAC is a green product, because it contains lower volumes of Portland cement (in comparision with traditional concrete), its non-polluting manufacturing process, and recycle waste and materials during manufacturing processes.
Fire Resistant
AAC is incombustible and suitable for fire-rated applications, with fire rating of 4 hours. Greencon AAC does not generate toxic fume that pose a danger to occupants.
Energy Saving
AAC has excellent thermal insulation properties due to it’s cellular structure. Building constructed with AAC tends to be cooler and comfortable, significantly reduce heating and cooling cost.