Wood ProcessingBandmills

logo_fujiPansar is the sole agent for Fuji Seisakusho, LTD wood working machinery in Malaysia. The rugged and tough built Fuji line of bandmills and carriages are very much sought after by sawmillers.

FHT Type

The FHT is a rigid-constructed high speed carriage provided with a base-mounted feed mechanism. From a wide variety of versions with different head-block openings of 800-1500mm, you can choose the best type of carriage to suit the wood species and diameter of log.



The FHTS is a carriage equipped with a carriage-mounted feed mechanism which can be controlled by the operator riding on the carriage. This type is highly maneuverable for handling small and medium diameter logs.

FS Type & FO Type

  • Vibration resistance based on stabilized design and balanced style.
  • Extremely sensitive straining system.
  • All running parts carefully balanced to facilitate high-speed operation.
  • All anti-friction bearings are interchangeable and available in standard stock sizes.
  • Column and bed are cast in respective heavy box section to ensure structural strength.
  • Upper wheel raising mechanism with clutch and worm wheel enhance rapid change to hand operation.

FS Type


FO Type

controllerDigital Set-Works Controller
This controller unit using microcomputer is standard equipped. Set-working data input/output is simply carried out by means of ten-keys and function-keys and memory data setting and rewriting can be done easily. Inch and milimeter conversion is also quickly and simply done.

Headblock Set-Works System
Provided with FF623 type setwork driving system newly designed by our expertise and innovations, this system is powered by two motors, one for high-speed and the other for low-speed operation, and headblocks are ensured of accurate traverse via precision machined gears.