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The wood Engineering seminars we run both for our clients and for the Government training centres provide technology and knowledge transfer on how to use the latest wood technology and timber treatment processes safely and effectively. These seminars are part of the service we provide to support the leading brand products we represent.

In fact, we are the timber industry’s main supplier of steel wire ropes, packaging systems, precision measuring instruments and environmentally friendly wood treatment chemicals. Of bandmills, bandsaw, circular saws and saw doctoring equipment. Of electric motors, grinders, boxbinding wires, cutters and other upstream equipment and machinery.

Equipment supplied by Pansar is used around the world. From Brazil to Congo, from Indonesia to Cameroon, from Malaysia to Papua New Guinea, from Cambodia to Gabon, we support our clients where they need us.

But that’s not all, we provide the key backup knowledge. As an example, if your band saw blade cracks, we’ll diagnose why (there can be any number of reasons) and we’ll train your operators to prevent a recurrence.

Besides the Wood Industry, Pansar also supplies the agricultural industry and provides engineered solutions that preserve our environment by using alternative sources which are bio-degradable. For example, our agro equipment and accessories as well as the bio-organic fertilizers.