Farm & IrrigationEffluent Pumps

Davey Effluent pumps are single stage open vane, semi vortex self priming centrifugal pumps driven by single or three phase TEFC motors. They are ideal for pumping effluent water or water containing soft solids in suspension, such as dairy or piggery waste, liquid food transfer and general water transfer.

  • Thick section cast iron pump body
  • Fast self priming capability
  • Can be made automatic with float switch
  • Large inspection port with quick release toggles
  • Shims fitted on inspection port for optimising suction capabilities
  • Can be installed outside pit
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled motor
  • Two models available with single phase (240/480v) or three phase (415v) motor


Jumbo Mukmova

  • Jumbo Mukmova is with larger flow and head
  • Only available in three phase (415V) motor

Jumbo Mukmova