Abrasives & Grinding AccessoriesUT.MA Grinding Machineries


Universal Grinders

utma-lc25fLC/25 F

Compact and simple tool & cutter grinder excellent to grind cutters, routerbits and saw blades. Available with attuator.

utma-lc25f_tableLC/25 F with Table Movement

LC/25 with automatic movement of trolley and high splash protection.

utma-lc35sLC/35 S

Heavy duty tool & cutter grinder for woodworking and mechanical tools sharpening.

Saw Blade Grinders

utma-al805AL 805

CNC automatic top and face grinder for circular saw blades with H.M. tips. Cnc top and face grinder AL805 has been projected to grind face and top of H.M. tooth, even complex forms, with one single grinding cycle. Saw blade set up is reached in a very short time due to the ergonomic machine design and menu driven program (on colour display) allows operator to introduce the saw blade parameters easily. Thank to the numeric control axes (with silence stepper motors) we obtain a very fast and accurate grind. Control unit installed on machine allows to save on memory the dates of saw blades ground frequently; as well as it gives the opportunity to load on machine new teeth forms that should be introduced on market in the future.

utma-ap800AP 800

Automatic face grinder for circular saw blade with HM tips.

  • Hydraulic saw blade clamping
  • Automatic set up of tooth pitch
  • Wheel lift off option

utma-sc800SC 800

A costant slight ground of the saw blade body is an important action to maintain the second clearance foresee from manufacturer and obtain the best result from saw during working.
SC 800 machine allows to carry out this operation in a very accurate way.
With a simple regulation on the control panel is possible grind the body of the sawblade with the follow geometries: flat, tilting right, tilting left and alternate.
A cams unit allow to grind sawblade with chip limiting device.

utma-af800AF 800

Manual side grinder model AF 800 is for the Saw Doctors the simply and economic solution for saw blade rebuild.

Numeric Control Grinders

utma-lc35-ncLC 35-NC 2/3/4

NC tool & cutter grinder model LC35-NC allows to grind metal working tools and wood working tools.

  • The machine is suppled with 4 axes, 3 axes or 2 axes numeric control; with full cabin or half cabin.
  • Menu driven program for short learning curve and fast tool set up time with option to store in memory the programs frequently used.
  • CNC form grinding available on LC35 NC3 and 4 machine, with optional CAD software “PXCAD” installed on separate PC connected through serial cable and port at the machine.

utma-lc25-nc3LC 25-NC 2/3

Automatic NC tool grinder LC25-NC 2/3 is the simple and economical solution to automatically grind stright, helix (spiral) and cylindrical tools.

Two NC controlled axes.

  • Brushless servo motors on all NC axes.
  • Probe technology to teach-in the helix and other tool parameters.
  • Twin grinding spindle with electronic speed variator.
  • Menu driven program for short learning curve and fast tool set-up time.
  • Memory capacity to 370 individual tool programs.
Profiling Machines

Manual and Numeric Control Profiling Machines


utma-p20cncP20 CNC

With UTMA P20 CNC the engineering and design concept to work cost efficiently with single special tools or long runs of similar tools has been realized in a very dinamic and practical way.

utma-p20P 20

The manual profile grinder P20 is the perfect machine to manufacturing or sharpening profile cutters with corrugate knives or solid cutters.
The operator will appreciate the stability and flexibility of the machine, that with the list of option available allows to grind cutters in HSS or HM, routerbits and through away knives.

utma-p25P 25

Diamond wheel dresser for ceramic wheels.