Water Treatment & FiltrationSteriflo® UV Disinfection


UV light at the wavelength generated by the lamp in a Davey Steriflo® unit (254nm) is lethal to most micro-organisms as it damages their ability to reproduce. The organism is then no longer viable as it cannot grow to cause infection or be counted on a culture plate.

It has been shown that cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium are inactivated by UV exposure. Water has to be very clean and free of particulate matter achievable through two stage filtration. For cyst control Davey recommend 1 micron filtration prior to supply of all drinking water.

Steriflo Domestic UV Disinfection

Steriflo Domestic UV Disinfection

  • An effective and economical means of eliminating harmful bacteria from drinking water supplies
  • Can also be used for small scale waste water disinfection at reduced flow rates.
  • No chemicals, no taste, impossible to overdose.
  • Carbon filters in second stage filtration are an excellent choice to remove unwanted tastes and odours such as chlorine and sulphur.