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Optimarc™ CV/CC500

Optimarc™ CV/CC500

The digitally controlled OPTIMARC™ CV/CC 500 provides constant voltage (CV) constant current (CC) output for heavy duty welding applications delivering superior welding performance and faster response to changes at the arc. It is an ideally suited for fabricating with MIG and Flux Cored arc welding processes with 1.0mm to 1.6mm diameter solid and flux core welding wires. It is also ideal for use on SMAW with up to 6mm electrodes.

Take advantage if this inverter-based power source to achieve high input power factor ratings for real savings on your electric bills and decrease your welding costs.

Heavy fabrication welding operations will appreciate the broad multi-process performance of the CV/CC500-featuring robust stick, MIG and flux-cored wire welding as well as precision Touch-start TIG performance.

The machine can be operated on generator power which makes it a perfect welder for the field welding jobs using stick and self-shield wires.