PANSAR – YANMAR powering tugs in Bintulu

By Eddy Puah

SIBU: With the successful launching of harbour tug Samalaju Jaya, there are now nine work boats powered by YANMAR in Bintulu Port. The 10th harbour tug to run on YANMAR marine engine is scheduled for completion by the middle of this year.

These harbour tugs are powerful and reliable and can be seen all around Sarawak’s busiest port and the vast majority are installed and commissioned by PANSAR.

At the ship christening ceremony yesterday, Samalaju Jaya got off to a grand start with a successful launch at around 9am to loud cheers from the guests.

The other tug – Kidurong Jaya – was launched earlier this year. Both tugs are built and operated (complete with crew) by Sing Kiong Hong Dockyard for Bintulu Port Sdn Bhd.

The tugs are powered by YANMAR’s Marine Diesel Engine model 6N21A – SW. This range of marine engine like its predecessors is known for its power, fuel efficiency and reliability.

ALL TOGETHER IN MARINE POWER... (4th from left) Mr. And Mrs. David Ling (part owners of Sing Kiong Hong Dockyard) with our Managing Director (third from right) Jason Tai at the launching of Samalaju Jaya on 9th April 2012. TEAM PANSAR... Other than our Managing Director Jason Tai with PANSAR staff were present to lend their support for the event. GRAND VIEW... The imposing 25 tonne harbour tug all primed and ready for its grand launching. THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT... Mr. Ling the elder brother of David Ling gets a better feel of the champagne bottle before the ship christening ceremony.

UP CLOSE... Hanging in mid air, a bottle of champagne glistens in the early morning light as the crowd begins to grow for the grand launching. HERE IT COMES... With a strong right hand the dockyard owner sneds the bottle of champagne hurling towards the newly built tug boat in a traditional christening ceremony. SMASHING SUCCESS... The champagne bottle explodes magnificently as it comes into contact with the steel hull of Samalaju Jaya. OFF TO WORK... As the Samalaju Jaya slides into the river, applause and boisterous cheering filled the air, wishing the vessel “Bon Voyage” as it prepares for its maiden journey to Bintulu Port where it will serve as a harbour tug.