Pansar eyes opportunities in SCORE

The Borneo Post – August 29, 2013

SIBU: Pansar Bhd (Pansar) is ready to tap into opportunities in Sarawak Corridor Of Renewable Energy (SCORE), with its managing director Jason Tai saying Sarawak has lots of opportunities in the corridor despite the current unstable global economy.

Speaking to reporters after Pansar’s annual general meeting yesterday, he said: “Growth in oil and gas sector will continue. We supply lots of marine engines and also our welding sets into the oil and gas industry.

“In that sense, those are growth areas. Mills are being built with the growth in oil palm downstream industry,” he noted.

Tai said the company was cautiously optimistic, and would do well in the coming financial year, having done fairly well in the last financial year.

To note, the Sarawak-based business-to-business engineered solutions provider declared a four per cent dividend of two sen per ordinary share for the financial year ended March 31, 2013.

The company recorded a turnover upped by eight per cent to RM429.9 million, with net income upped 10.5 per cent to RM17.5 million, and earnings per share increased 11 per cent to 6.24 sen.

Tai said the company was moving forward, and with the resilient economy in the market in which they were operating, the company could still have resilient growth.

He said although there was global economy instability, Malaysia was still doing quite well, despite a slight concern on the devaluation of the country’s currency.

“I hope that it is only temporary because macro economy is still strong,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said the company was focusing on the manpower enhancement in terms of training and other programmes.

He also said that the company was trying to move into the facilities management, which he said also required good people.

“One of the areas we want to go into for the next year or two will be more greening, LED lightings. We have already started doing much more efficient chiller for air-conditioner, and energy saving,” he said.

Pansar’s chairman Dato James Tai Cheong said Pansar would maintain its management approach, given the general flux in the global environment which was still being weighed down by economic risks.

He said the group would also be undertaking a range of programmes to further differentiate and hone its competitiveness so as to prepare for next level of performance elevation.

GROWING STRONG: (From left) Azman, Ing Horh, James Ling, Pauline Kon, James Tai, Jason Tai, Stephen Chin, Fong Yoo Kaw, and Francis Ling during the group’s AGM yesterday.

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