BÖHLER-UDDEHOLM Precision Strip AB, Saw Doctor Alf Pedersen visited Customers in Malaysia

As posted in www.uddeholm-strip.com
September 2012

As a technician of Böhler Uddeholm Strip Steel the job of Alf Pedersen is to help our customers in improving their operation and to implement the tool work properly on the band saw machine.

Alf was visiting within 15 days several customers in Malaysia in the areas of Segamant-Johor, Seremban-Negeri Sembilan, Kuantan, Tanah Merah-Kelantan, Gerik-Perak and Kuala Kangsar-Ipoh. His major tasks have been trouble shooting and saw doctoring. Furthermore he was helping them with all technical problems regarding band saw blades and band saw machines, such as sharpening, stelliting, tensioning and overall checking of the machinery condition.

Beside these activities he was giving several seminars where he talked about interesting technical information such as production of band saw blades, maintenance of the band saw machines as well as design calculations for suitable tooth shapes. During his visits at saw filers he explained why different tooth shapes are improving their productivity and further in detail sharpening, stelliting and swaging techniques used to optimize cutting speed.

With this service Uddeholmstrip proves again the leading technical position and their strong commitment to this industry.