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YASC & Pansar Captivates Shipbuilders With The Yanmar 12AY

More than 70 shipyard owners were invited to attend the exclusive Marine Diesel Engine Seminar 2014 held in Sibu on 27th March; an event jointly organized by Yanmar Asia (Singapore) Corporation Pte Ltd (YASC); and its Malaysian distributor, Pansar.
PE Land mulls more malls to further boost retail business

KUCHING: Local-based PE Land Sdn Bhd (PE Land), the management and operator of tHe Spring Shopping Mall here is embarking on expansion to develop more shopping malls in the coming years to further grow its retail business.
Leap of faith in Power of One

SIBU: ...Forty one staff of Pansar from throughout the country gathered at the family resort in the outskirt of this town for two-day and one night where the workshop was facilitated by Dr Lynda Wee, a specialist in leadership development, business growth and retailing.