Wastewater & Drainage DewateringSmall Portable Pumps

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Centrifugal and diaphragm self-priming portable pumps (JB, ETP, and LB ranges)

  • Highly portable and lightweight, as light as 26kg, easy to transport to the application site.
  • Flow rates up to 2500 l/min.
  • Made for tough applications and excels when it comes to pumping sludgy water or water with large solids.
  • Maximum versatility with a choice of gasoline, diesel or electric power; fit for a variety of applications.
  • Great for emergency use and non-planned events.


Centrifugal self-priming gasoline portable pumps
– JB series

Centrifugal self-priming portable pumps
– ETP 100D

Diaphragm self-priming portable pumps
– LB series