Air CompressorsSmall Sized – The Ready To Go Range

XAS Series
2-5 m³/min / 70-175 cfm
7-12 bar / 100-175 psi

  • Lightweight, undercarriage type. All below 750kg including options with a built in generator and aftercooler.
  • Spin-on filters and easily accessible components, reduced service time.
  • HardHat canopy, the legendary toughest compressor housing.
U Series
2.1-5.5 m³/min / 75-190 cfm
7-12 bar / 100-175 psi

  • Lightweight, box type, compact package.
  • Spin-on filters and single-side service design allows for ease of use and easy serviceability.
  • Corrosion free C3 rated canopy.
  • PACE units offer multiple pressure and flow settings.

Handheld pneumatic tools, abrasive blasting, cable blowing, renovation and construction jobs, roadworks, quarrying, rental companies, OEM applications.

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