Air CompressorsLarge Sized – The Productivity Partner Range

Atlas Copco large portable air compressors meet your needs for high volume air at medium pressure.

Heavy-duty drilling, quarrying, shallow water well drilling, deep-hole drilling and large diameter pipeline cleaning.


XAS Series
17-24 m³/min / 587-854 cfm
8.6-20 bar / 125-300 psi

  • Undercarriage type.
  • Lower capital investment, one machine covers multiple applications.
  • Simple service and long service intervals, increased utilization.
  • Fuel savings, both efficiency and autonomy.


The Productivity Partner Range
The compressors in this range were meticulously designed and engineered to give you the best possible performance for your application.
The Drillair range was designed specifically for drilling. It helps users achieve the maximum air flow at any pressure setting, ensures faster speed, low fuel consumption, high versatility and residual value.
The “Open Frame” was designed for integration in nitrogen and drilling packages. It allows a smooth and compact integration in your solution and will alllow you to work in harsh environment.
TwinAir was designed for rental operation on off-shore oil platforms. It combines a robust design, off-shore specs and DNV certification.
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