YASC & Pansar Captivates Shipbuilders With The Yanmar 12AY

More than 70 shipyard owners were invited to attend the exclusive Marine Diesel Engine Seminar 2014 held in Sibu on 27th March; an event jointly organized by Yanmar Asia (Singapore) Corporation Pte Ltd (YASC); and its Malaysian distributor, Pansar.
  The primary objectives of the seminar included providing insights into Yanmar’s latest engine, the 12AY, and informing guests about Yanmar’s current technology, which uses mechanical control. This allows shipbuilders to tide over the stricter IMO Tier II regulations.
“It is imperative that we continuously have seminars like this to foster confidence and rapport with our customers.” YASC’s own Managing Director, Umegaki commented, once away from the spotlight. “We need to show that Yanmar and Pansar are indeed working closely to provide them the products and services they need, to the best of our abilities.”  
Umegaki also shed some light on the shipbuilding industry in Sibu. In the late 1900s, Sibu took over as the de facto leader of shipyards in Sarawak. In the last 20 years, local demand may have declined but shipbuilders have turned to a global demand. With a working relationship of more than 50 years, Yanmar and Pansar strive to support these shipbuilders.
  Moreover, during a tea break, guests gladly donned Yanmar jackets and posed for a group photo. Many were quick to engage representatives from Pansar with inquiries about the Yanmar 12AY. Guests were also invited to dinner, where Pansar’s Managing Director, Jason Tai, called all representatives from YASC and Pansar to the stage for a toast. He vowed to continue working closely with Yanmar.
With regards to the Yanmar 12AY, Wong Sie Kie from Hung Seng Shipyard Shd Bhd remarked that the 12AYM series is very reliable and suitable for high performance boats.

This seminar also caught the attention of the Malaysian press and they chronicled the events in the English newspapers, as well as its Mandarin counterpart. In his closing comments, Umegaki believes the seminar was highly successful, and he looks forward to working with Pansar again for a possible subsequent event like this one.

Written by Jeanne Felicia Tan