Davey 2014 International Conference, South Africa

August 26-29th, 2014

“Branding, Innovation & Opportunity”

Held at the Mabula Private Game Reserve in Johannesburg, this edition of conference boasted a trifecta of top-class keynote speakers, excellent event planning and a comprehensive macro-coverage of Davey product affairs.

Davey’s newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, David Worley, initiated the conference with a warm introduction and welcome, followed by a review of Davey’s international dealings. Noticeably, 17 of their 20 international customers grew in the past three years, of which 8 impressively exceeded 20% growth in Davey businesses.

Revelation of Davey’s vision and direction assured all business partners of their commitment to mutual expansion through Organic Growth Partnership, primarily by providing valuable products that are difficult for competitors to match.

Emerging market opportunities for Davey Water Products have surfaced in areas like Laos, Cambodia, South Africa and Qatar, showing tremendous growth in the commercial pool and borehole sectors.

On matters of perception and image, Ashley White, Davey’s Sales Development Manager highlighted that branding and logo are key components to developing a robust corporate image. They serve to create product distinction, quality assurance and embodiment of value-added commodities. This is subtly demonstrated through the evolution of the Davey logo.

The most updated version represents the unification into a singular element, portraying simplicity yet symbolising power. It also epitomizes Davey’s resolve to lead by adapting to an evolving market.

Davey's logo evolution

Sponsor partners Hatz Diesel and Global Water Solutions Ltd. also showcased their products. German Hatz Diesel specialises in small and medium engines (1.5kW to 56kW) whilst their subsidiary Hatz Systems develops special industrial engines systems. Global Water Solutions Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of pressure vessels with footprints in various global territorial fronts.

Keynote speaker Dr. Kobus Neethling, president of the South African Creativity Foundation, introduced the concept of whole brain thinking and meticulously eradicated the common notion that right-brain dominant individuals are inherently creative whilst their counterparts are deemed logical and rigid. He established that either group can think and act creatively in their strengths regardless of categorisation. Manifestation of creativity and its subsequent utilisation is individually unique.

Prior to the conference, everyone was asked to complete the Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI) questionnaire to gauge our personal brain profile. Results from this measurement are meant to help every individual with the ability to adapt his or her thinking and reactions to be more adaptive to their environment.

Understanding this profile helps individuals work together as a team, better deal with clients, or even help with decision making processes amongst others as it allows one insight and understanding of the way we prefer to think, makes us more aware and sensitive to the preferences of others.

New products release showcased Davey’s new Trash Pumps, Jumbo Flood Fighters, Steriflo UVS, PROmatic Salt Chlorinator, PROmaster VSD pool pump and CS end suction pump amongst others. South African distributor SafeQuip demonstrated Davey’s 5 series fire-fighter packaged sets while Davey’s International Business Development Manager Gary Dryden & Ashley White respectively led the pool chlorinator and borehole pump sessions.

During the Gala Dinner, PANSAR once again established itself as one of Davey’s top international dealers by claiming the Bronze Eagle Award and a Recognition of Partnership of 50 Years with Davey. This award is reserved for those who have achieved more than AUD500,000 of business with Davey.

For Davey’s fiscal year 2013/2014, PANSAR achieved an estimated AUD680,000 worth of sales, an 8% increase from the previous year. PANSAR’s achievement is credited to the dedication and commitment of our PANSAR colleagues in branches all over Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Moving into the coming years, we continue to stand resolute in partnership with Davey for this business that has carried us so far over the last 50 years.

Well done, everyone!

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