Plastic Strapping Tools – 3 in 1 Combination Tool

Battery Powered Hand Tool User friendly - electrical, but without annoying, dangerous cables High battery capacity Versatile, for vertical and horizontal strapping Proven friction-weld seal No metal seals Technical Data Unit OR-T 85 X OR-T 83 X Weight kg 4.3 4.0 lbs 9.5 8.8 Dimensions   Length mm 400 inch 15.75 Width mm 130 inch 5 Height mm 200 inch 7.
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Plastic Strapping Tools – Plastic Strapping for Combination Tools

Lightweight yet robust, portable, easy to operate Minimum effort for strapping and sealing For vertical and horizontal strapping High tensioning capacity The Orgapack ORP 2100 and ORP2300 serrated seals Manual Sealer Sealers for polyester straps High efficiency flat joint Seals with toothed inner surface Manual Tensioner Lightweight yet robust Portable Easy to operate    Model OR 4100.16 ORS 1100.19 ORZ 3210.
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Steel Strapping Tools – Orgapack

SEALLESS Made in Switzerland    Models Orgapack CH43 Used in various industries For steel strap 10mm - 19mm (3/8" - 3/4") wide Orgapack OR-H47 For steel strap 13mm - 19mm (1/2" - 3/4") wide Orgapack CH48 For heavy duty applications For steel strap 19mm (3/4") wide Technical Data Unit CH43 OR-H47 CH48 Weight kg(lbs) 4.6(10.1) 3.5(7.7) 5.1(11.2) Tension Force up to approx.
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