Water Cooled Engines

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TNV Series (13.4 – 96.6hp)

  Clean & Silent Vertical cylinder, 4-cycle water-cooled diesel engines. Emission Reduction Cleaner engines with even lower exhaust emissions are achieved by improving on the already excellent TNE base. Stricter emissions standards are cleared by a wide margin. IDI Engines Combustion Chamber By investigating flow characteristics using experimental and numerical analysis methods, Yanmar research has achieved improved flow mixing in both the main chamber and the special mouth surrounding the injector.
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TF(M), TS Series (5 – 23hp)

Many Way Tougher, All Ways Superior Horizontal, water cooled, 4-cycle diesel engines. Direct fuel injection produces dynamic power Combustion power acts directly on the toroidal piston crown, boosting energy, decreasing thermal losses. Extra high output creates the tough torque needed for heavy duty jobs. Durability of Yanmar’s direct fuel injection system enhanced by the heat-proof insulator for the fuel injection valve The fuel injection valve is wrapped in heatproof material.
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L-N Series (4.7 – 10hp)

Light & Gentle 4 stroke, vertical cylinder, air cooled diesel engine. Compact, Direct injection Engine = Easy installation & Low Fuel Consumption Keeping with the tradition of compact design, the L-N series are simple to install. It fits in cramped spaces without sacrificing power and performance. Yanmar's proprietary direct injection technology allows the engine to sip rather than gorge on fuel. This means lower running cost in the world of rising fuel prices.
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