Air Compressors

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High Pressure Air-cooled

Model 7T2 is a 10HP or 15HP, two stage unit rated at 500 PSIG maximum pressure. Model 231 is a 3HP, two-stage unit rated at 500 PSIG maximum pressure. Model 15T2 is a 15HP or 20HP, three-stage unit rated at 1000 PSIG maximum pressure. Features Frame. Cylinders and crankshaft with bearings are frame (crankcase) supported. The frame is of close grained cast iron, completely sealed against dirt to protect the running parts, and provide a large oil sump.
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Type-30® Two-stage Industrial

For air compressors in the 1 1/2 to 30hp class, no other compressor can match the Ingersoll-Rand Type-30 Two-Stage Reciprocating air compressor in efficiency, component strength, quality construction, reliability and low maintenance that offers you the greatest value. These compressors have become the first choice among those who are looking for top operating performance combined with minimum maintenance.       3000C/XM07DNN-LN This unit on base plate is suitable where receiver is installed separated or installation space is limited.
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Rotary Screw 20-100HP

Features 100% continuous duty cycle. Reliable, simple, proven design. 85dBA or less. Operates in 115°F (46°C) ambience. Leaf free design. Fully packaged easy to install. Easy to operate and maintain.
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Two-stage Piston Type 3HP-30HP

SINGLE & TWO-STAGE CAST IRON INDUSTRIAL 3HP-30HP Two-Stage Piston Type 3HP-30HP A Product of Choice and a leader in its class, Ingersoll-Rand cast iron air compressors are widely used by professionals in every sector of the industry, building & construction, automotive and others as dependable air source for instrumentation control, pneumatic tools, spray painting, tire inflating and other applications. Can be found in auto and truck repair shops, body shop, service and industrial businesses of all kinds.
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