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Rice Miller

COMBINATION RICE MILLING UNIT YMM-20 Combines the functions of rice huller and rice polisher. Hulling Head with full-gear system application results in perfect working capacity of the 6" rubber roll. Air circulation system within the hulling head increases rubber roll resistance. Complete balance in rice hulling and polishing systems working automatically results in smoother operation and easier handling. Polishing section is equipped with bran suction device to enhance and ensure whiter and cleaner rice.
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2-row Combine Harvester

YANMAR 2-ROW COMBINE HARVESTER Ee-30 Easy & comfortable operation - HST lever to vary the operation speed, single lever for reaping device set & turn. Easy open - one-touch-open threshing drum cover, easy-open feed chain, non-tool open cutter device. Easy check & maintenance. Twin threshing drum system - two threshing drums system enables to get clean & high quality crops. Powered by Yanmar vertical, water-cooled diesel engine.
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6-row Combine Harvester

YANMAR 6-ROW COMBINE HARVESTER CA385EG Superfruity performance and high power. Utmost threshing system.
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Diesel Tractor

YANMAR DIESEL TRACTOR F-SERIES F-21ex, F-28ex, F-32ex, F-37ex, F-42ex Designed by technology for professional use and powered by clean & silent Yanmar TNE diesel engine. Direct fuel injection diesel engine. Provides maximum power with lower fuel consumption, and performs overloaded, heavy-duty operation with ease. Compact and impressively clean diesel engine.
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Rice Transplanter

YANMAR RIDING TYPE RICE TRANSPLANTER VP6 Best Adapted to Modern Rice Plantation Yanmar Super Rotary Transplanting Mechanism realizes high performance transplanting work. Stepless variable speed - HMT transmission enables you to freely vary the operating speed to match the ground conditions; just step on the pedal like that of an automatic car. No-brake turn system - only swerve the steering wheel, you can easily turn in small radius. Long seedling feed belt conveys seedlings to transplanting device accurately.
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