Fiberglass Wool

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Semi-rigid & Rigid Board

Thermal and acoustical insulation boards used in Industrial Equipment Insulation (I.E.I) and provide varied degrees of compression resistance and flexibility to aid conformation to curve and irregular shapes so that maximum thickness is maintained around corners and joints. It is available in various densities and thicknesses with a wide range of factory applied facings. Dimensionally stable and do not deteriorate with time. Heating equipment such as ovens, furnaces and hot water generator.
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Suspended Ceiling

An aesthetical and decorative ceiling system with excellent noise reduction. It is also a light reflectance material that improve the effectiveness of the lighting systems. Widely accepted for acoustic treatment/noise reduction - commonly used in conference halls, educational buildings, auditoriums, studios, offices and commercial buildings, transportation facilities such as underground and railway stations, intercity bus terminals, airport and seaport facilities, etc.
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Polywool Duct Wrap

For thermal and acoustical insulation. Excellent thermal performance to reduce heat gain or loss for warm air ducts - increases system efficiency and reduces fuel costs. Allows better temperature control of air-conditioned air during distribution, conserves power and helps prevent condensation.
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Building Insulation Blanket

For underside of metal deck roofing to reduce the heat gain and loss. For sound absorption, it reduces noise from rain or hail drumming. Easy installation, durable, excellent thermal performance and noise reduction.
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