7 Series Ex d Emergency T5 or T8 Lamp & Compact Fluorescent Luminaire

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| Electrical & Office Automation, Hazardous Area Lighting

Certification and Approval

Certification Code:
Ex d II 2 G IIB or IIC T4 or T6
Certification numbers:
SIRA 01 ATEX 1033X, IEC Ex SIR 09.0029X
Certification standards:
EN 60079 EN 61241, IEC 60079 IEC 61241
IP 66


Internally mounted batteries giving 3 hr duration.
EOL lamp protection.
50,000 hour electronic ballast.


Wide range of voltage options.
Large range of lamp options.
IP68 versions.

Size Model (Lamp) – Single & Twin A B
1 8W(T5), 11W, 18W, 26W(CF) 335 448
2 14W(T5), 18W(T8), 36W, 55W(CF) 632 752
4 28W(T5), 36W(T8) 1242 1449
5 58W(T8) 1542 1749

All dimensions in mm


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