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6LPA-DTP – 191kW(260hp)
6LPA-STP – 232kW(315hp)

Light in weight, small in size, high power outputs.

Cam Area Improvements: These engines contain many high performance features sure to appeal to the serious motorboater.
The overhead cam design develops max hp at higher revs, allowing smaller, smoother running propellers. Camshaft is belt driven, reducing weight, numbers of parts, gear wear and noise. The STP model even features 4 valves per cylinder for enhanced breathing and top end performance.

Better Fuel and Air Management: A waste-gated water-cooled turbo really makes things happen when the throttle is put down hard. To reduce embarrassing black smoke at these times, the 6LPA series engines have boost-compensated distributor-type fuel pumps. And burn efficiency has been improved as well.

Reduced Vibration and Noise: Two stage springs in fuel injectors reduce injection noise. Ladder-frame, full block-width crankshaft bearing cap structure reduces lower block area distortion and fights bearing slap. And of course belt drive makes for big cuts in timing gear noise, while the 12 balance-weight crankshaft and rubber engine mounts soak up much of the usual diesel vibration.

Extras: Ordering the STP gets you a “go fast package” of bigger oil cooler, gallery cooled pistons and big breathing 4-valve head.

Engines can be ordered with optional instrument panels B, C, or D. Panel B mounts the usual tachometer and vital sensors for battery, temperature and oil, but in addition has sensors for
i) fuel/water separator water level,
ii) seawater flow at intercooler, and
iii) waste-gate valve blockage (boost pressure),
Panel C and D offer more sensors again, namely for
iv) heat exchanger fresh water level.

The aim is to go faster on less fuel, while at the same time keeping a far better eye on all those vital engine health functions.

Performance Curves

Yanmar 6LPA Performance Curves

Model (without marine gear) 6LPA-DTP 6LPA-STP
Configuration 4-stroke, vertical, water-cooled diesel engine
No. of cylinders 6 in-line
Bore x stroke mm(in.) 94 x 100 (3.70 x 3.94)
Displacement lit.(cu.in.) 4.163 (254.04)
Continuous power at crankshaft kW(hp)/min -1 154 (210)/3600 188 (255)/3600
Fuel stop power at crankshaft kW(hp)/min-1 191(260)/3800 232(315)/3800
Combustion system Direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharged with intercooler
Starting system Electric starting (D.C. 12V, 2.5kW starting motor/12V, 80A Alternator)
Cooling system Fresh water cooling by centrifugal fresh water pump and rubber impeller seawater pump
Lubrication system Forced lubrication with trochoid pump
Direction of rotation Counterclockwise viewed from flywheel
Dry weight kg(lbs.) 380(837) 408(899)

Atmospheric conditions=ISO 3046/1, Density of fuel=0.86g/cm3, hp=0.7355kW

Recommended Marine gear: “ZF-Hurth”
Model:HSW630A1(Angle 8°), Reduction ratio, 1.22:1, 1.56:1, 2.04:1 & 2.52:1.
HSW630H1(Parallel), Reduction ratio, 1.51:1, 1.93:1, 2.50:1 & 2.78:1.
HSW630V1(V-drive), Reduction ratio, 1.29:1, 1.56:1, 2.00:1 & 2.48:1.

Standard: Standard Option: Option
Item Name Remarks
Installation Flexible engine mount, 4pcs/set Option
Engine foot and lube oil cooler bracket for marine gear (“ZF-Hurth” HSW630A1&H1) Option
Damper disc for marine gear (“ZF-Hurth” HSW630A1&H1) Standard
Exhaust water mixing elbow Standard
Exhaust water mixing elbow, Riser type Option
Cooling Kingston cock Option
Air vending device for cooling water tank Option for V-drive
Lubrication Lube oil evacuation pump Option
Lube oil dipstick for opposite side of engine Option
Starting & stopping Electric engine stop device Standard
Cold starting aid (Glow plug type) Option
Electrical & instrumentationElectrical & instrumentation Alternator, 12V-80A Standard
Electric type bilge pump, 12V Option
New B-type instrument panel Option
New C-type instrument panel Option
New D-type instrument panel Option
Connection wireharness for dual instrument panel Option
Extension wireharness Option 4 & 6m
Alarm switch and meter sensor ass’y Standard
“VDO” alarm switch and meter sensor ass’y Option
Meter sensor ass’y for dual instrument panel (New C+C or C+D-type) Option
Control Side-mount type single control head (MORSE:MV) Option
Top-mount type single control head (MORSE:MT3) Option
Others Onboard tool kit Option

Instrument Panels

New B-type New C-type New D-type
1 Switch Key switch (Glow/On/Off/Start)
Engine stop switch
Alarm buzzer
Alarm buzzer stop switch
Illumination switch for meters
2 Alarm lamp unit Battery not charging
C.W. high temperature
L.O. low pressure
F.O. drain separator (Water level)
Sea water flow
C.W. level for fresh water tank
Boost pressure high
3 Tachometer Tachometer with hour meter
4 Sub meter unit L.O. pressure meter
C.W. temperature meter
Boost meter (Turbo)
5 Clock unit Quartz clock

Instrument Panels

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