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Pansar supplies bio-organic fertilizers which:

  • Improve soil fertility & water retention by microbial activities
  • Enhance plant growth and develop to maintain stable productivity
  • Reduce soil problems such as high salinity and acidification
  • Suitable for different crops as basal fertilizer like flowers, vegetables, fruits, oil palm & pepper

Agricode Fertilizers

agricode_logoAgricode Bio-organic fertilizer & bio-organic compound fertilizer contains 8 effective microorganisms which help to release the nutrition effectively.

It is made up of high quality bio-organic materials such as rice bran, coca bean and copra expeller. Compared to chemical fertilizers, the nutrients from bio-fertilizers are sustainable and will be released slowly into the soil.

By using bio-fertilizer, the soil becomes more fertile and it will slowly increasing the pH of the soil.

Our fertilizer effectiveness can last up to 70-100 days which tends to reduce production cost and increase the harvest quality, nutrients capacity and prevent soil erosion. Besides, it will help to improve soil’s biologically and neutralize the toxicology of agrochemical residue and heavy metal pollution.

Multi Organic Biomass



agricode_fertilizer555 Agricode Fertilizer 5:5:5

  • Improve soil fertility, water preservation by microbial activities.
  • Enhance plant growth development and maintain stable productivity.
  • Reduce soil problems such as high salinity, acidification and soil borne diseases (ganoderma & etc).
  • Suitable to use for different crops as basal fertilizer.
agricode_fertilizer111111 Agricode Fertilizer 11:11:11

  • Enhance vegetative growth and better root development.
  • Effective to improve plant health.
  • Suitable for oil palm or any high-yielding crop after their peak harvesting.
  • Improve the nutrient uptake and promote plant physiological metabolism.
  • Increase the leaf size thus, increasing sunlight exposure area and increase the photosynthesis process.
  • Suitable for use with vegetables, fruits, rubber, paddy, oil palm etc.
agricode_fertilizer10525 Agricode Fertilizer 10:5:25

  • Suitable for all fruit trees. Helps to improve fruit quality, flavor, shelf live and sweetness.
  • Effective for increasing the oil extraction rate (OER) for oil palm.
  • This product combines of instant and slow release characteristics and is suitable to use for normal soils.
  • Suitable to apply on for fruits trees, oil palm and etc.
agricode_fertilizer12624dap Agricode Fertilizer 12:6:24DAP

  • Helps to improve fruit quality, flavor, shelf life and sweetness.
  • Effectively increase weight of fruits (FFB), and oil extraction rate (OER) for oil palm.
  • This product consists of instant and slow release characteristics, suitable to use for general soil type.
  • Suitable for fruits trees, oil palm etc.
agricode_fertilizer9619 Agricode Fertilizer 9:6:19

  • Promotes flowering and fruiting and also reduce incidents of abnormal fruits while lengthening the harvesting period.
  • Improve quality of fruits and vegetables e.g. in their texture, flavor, sweetness, and appearance.
  • Increase photosynthesis rate and plant physiological metabolism to promote better peel color and appearance.
  • Improve nutrient uptake and prevent crop deterioration due to continuous harvesting.
  • Suitable to apply on vegetables, fruits and etc.