Agro Equipment & AccessoriesWood Chipper Machine


The wood shredder and crusher machine is mainly for disposal of various-sized wood residue of hard and soft wood: tree trunks, coconuts and palms, sugarcane including dry and wet materials.

Once fed into the machine, which grinds all of wood wastes, the wood wastes turn into particles of fine mulches and chips that can be use for burning (boiler fuel), chip boards (press boards), mulches for covering ground, animal bedding, as well as, for briquet-ting or further processing.

Also you can market it for organic based fertilizers, particle board, hard board, insulation board, roughage supplement in livestock feed, only to name a few of innumerable ways of use. On the process of crushing, our crusher can diminish parasites and eggs to reduce the pollution by parasites to protect our environment.