Yanmar operations not affected by earthquake in Japan

The Borneo Post – March 19, 2011

SIBU: Pansar Company Sdn Bhd yesterday confirmed that the operations of its Japanese partner – Yanmar – were not affected by the earthquake and tsunami that flattened Japan’s northeast coast.

“The operations of Yanmar have remained unaffected and intact,” said a Pansar press release.

Yanmar, founded in 1912, is a globally renowned manufacturer of marine and industrial engines.

Its headquarters and major manufacturing facilities are based in and around Osaka, Japan and other parts of the world.

For close to half a century, Pansar has been building up a strong business relation with Yanmar in numerous fields such as marine engines, power generation, agricultural, industrial engines and construction.

“While we are relieved that our long-time Japanese partner, Yanmar, has escaped the full brunt of the tragedy and all their operations are running as usual, we are nevertheless deeply saddened by the devastation and loss of human lives,” Pansar’s Marine and Industrial Divisional manager LF Ting said in the statement.

In offering the group’s deepest condolences and prayers, Ting was optimistic that the Japanese people who had exhibited such discipline, courage and honour in the face of such adversities would bounce back and become even stronger.

“As we share the sorrow of the Japanese people, we are awed by their indomitable human spirit.”

“It is something that all of us at Pansar are learning from, and we stand humbled before them in this lesson of life,” he said.

Meanwhile, for details on Yanmar’s production and operations, clients may call Pansar on 084-333366 and ask for the Marine and Industrial Division.

BUSINESS AS USUAL: Ting assures clients the operations of
Yanmar in Japan are not affected by the calamity in Japan.

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