Participants gain valuable knowledge from PANSAR seminar

New Sunday Tribune – November 04, 2012

BINTULU: At the launch of its new logo “The Leap” on Feb 29 this year, the PANSAR Group reaffirmed its commitment of “Seeing Further, Aiming Higher and Going Beyond” in collaboration efforts with all its business partners and the communities in which PANSAR has a presence.

Divisional manager for its Marine and Industrial Division, Ting Lick Fuat said this at the official opening of the “Energy Saving Seminar” jointly organized by PANSAR and Ingersoll Rand at a hotel here recently.

He said he wanted to reassure all the company’s partners, clients and customers that PANSAR Group would continue to give them the best service possible.

With more than 50 years of experience in the business since its establishment in 1961, PANSAR has also built up an impressive network of branches and 3-S Centres throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Ting said such development was proof the company was on the right track in its commitment to deliver the best service.

Ting explained that the seminar, organised jointly with Ingersoll Rand, was for the benefit of its clients who had been using Ingersoll Rand’s air compressors which are well-known throughout the world.

“We want to share Ingersoll Rand’s expertise on how to reduce power cost associated with running air compressors.

Their expertise has shown that by doing everything right, you can very well save up to an amazing 50 per cent in your power operating cost,” he added.

US-based Ingersoll Rand, which has been in operation for over 100 years, shared with participants in the seminar valuable knowledge on improvements in operational efficiency, proper handling and maintenance of the machine’s advanced compressed air systems, trouble-shooting, and other useful technical advice.

The successful seminar was attended by more than 50 participants.

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