Pansar, Yanmar Solutioneering Together

Pansar Berhad, YANMAR’s marine engine distributor in Malaysia, and YANMAR ASIA SINGAPORE CORPORATION PTE. LTD. (YASC) worked hand in hand to organize a launch ceremony and sea trial of a ferry boat fitted with the YANMAR 12AY engine on September l9 to 20 at Langkawi in western Malaysia. The companies invited 38 people including shipbuilders, naval architects, shipyards and boat owners.
The star of these activities was the Coral Island 1, owned by Mr. John Wong of Ekspres Bahagia Group (L) Sdn. Bhd. The Coral Island 1 is the first vessel in the YANMAR Group to be fitted with the completely new 12AY, a high-speed work boat engine of over 1,000 horsepower. The proud owner, Mr. Wong, was impressed by the powerful performance of the trial.

High-Speed Work Boat Engine over 1,000 HP

A sea trial was the most effective and attractive way to promote the new marine engine, leading Pansar and YASC to jointly organize the launch ceremony and trial. During the 12AY product presentation, the participants were briefed on the concept and features of the engine, after   which   they  were  given  a  30

minute sea trial experience on the Coral Island 1.
Both Pansar and YASC received positive comments on the engine from the participants. The 6AY, a sister model of the 12AY with a good reputation for fuel consumption and durability, served as the tail wind.
Thanks to the trial and product presentation, one of the participants decided to immediately place an order for the 12AY with Pansar. This served as a fantastic launch pad for Pansar and YASC, which are both looking to target the passenger ferry and tug boat markets in Malaysia with the 12AY in 2012.
According to Mr. LF Ting, Marine and Industrial Division Manager of Pansar, “The basic growth policy at Pansar is “total quality,” which is a commitment to high-quality in products, services and partnerships with customers.”
“Pansar and YANMAR have many similarities in their high level of discipline and commitment to ensuring the best for clients. Receiving customers’ opinions first hand at the sea trial gave rise to a great opportunity to confirm and share this discipline. It also deepened the relationship between Pansar, YANMAR and their customers.”








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