Leap of faith in Power of One

SIBU: An organisation can soar high up in the sky without limit if it has the right people- the greatest asset in any organisation.

Realising the importance of its people who can create wonders- if pooled together to achieve a common goal and direction albeit rightly motivated, Pansar conducted the Power of One workshop on May 14 and 15 at Methodist Centennial Park here to do just that.

Forty one staff of Pansar from throughout the country gathered at the family resort in the outskirt of this town for two-day and one night where the workshop was facilitated by Dr Lynda Wee, a specialist in leadership development, business growth and retailing.

During the workshop, the participants were introduced to Pansar’s mission, vision and guiding values which are essential in achieving the company’s corporate purpose and direction while promoting alignment and accountability within the organisation.

They were also introduced to the LEAP concept which stands for Learn, Expand, Analyse and Prototype to achieve the desired effects in problem solving.

Why LEAP? Drawing from the new Pansar logo launched two years ago in 2012, the concept embodies the guiding spirit of the company to “see further, aim higher and go beyond” to achieve the unimaginable.

During the workshop, participants were divided into few groups where they discussed on what made them count as well as the right business model for the company based on the guiding values of Pansar and presented it to the top management, represented by Chief Operating Officer Stephen Chin and Head of Business and Investment Wallace Pau at the end of the workshop.

Managing director Jason Tai took his time off his busy schedule and shared with the participants his thoughton the need to walk the extra mile to achieve the impossible.

He gave examples of how certain staff in Pansar who had walked that extra mile, such as working during festive season, although it meant they had to sacrifice their family reunion.

The participants together with Tai then went for an hour hash run as the workshop came to an end.

Special Projects Manager Chan Thian Siang described the workshop as a success as it managed to put together a team of Pansar people from diverse background to appreciate the vision and mission of the company based on its guiding values.

“The workshop has taught everyone that we can create something unimaginable if we pull our strength together.

“Previously, we may be very individualistic but with this workshop, Dr Lynda has put things succinctly and we just have to apply it in our daily work routine,” Chan said.

Product Engineer Elvin Hii said the workshop provided a clear cut, concise and comprehensive method, thus bridging the intermediate process between origin and intended destination.

“The thought, analysis, evaluation and prototyping procedures (in that order) forms the tool with which one can effectively identify problems, generate and select the best solutions while simultaneously exercising creativity.

“Moreover, participants were given the opportunity to translate the educational experience into practical application during the prototyping segments of the course.

“After all, only with application, does skill and knowledge become power,” Hii added.

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