F Cubed Carocell Solar Water Processor

With the constant strive to “go green” these days, various organizations are venturing into products that aid to propel people to a more cost effective living yet at the same time preserves the environment. Pansar is also one of them.

Recently Pansar carried out trials and set up two pairs of solar water processors (Carocell 3000) in two locations – Kg. Sebako in Pulau Bruit and Bario.

With extensive research and development of this product from Australia, any water feed can be fed into the panels to produce clean, potable water through the desalination process.

Residences in both locations have tried and tested the water produced with favourable responses.

“This is amazing! Brown, dirty river water comes out as clear, drinking water. We need more of such technologies,” said one resident from Kg. Sebako.

“I do not dare to try the water, even though it looks clean and clear,” said another from Bario. However, seeing our own team from Pansar drinking the clean water, he too braved his conscience and had a go at it to find his heart at rest with the assurance and quality of the potable water produced.

We hope to be able to market this product as a sustainable method to produce clean, drinking water without the expense of the environment. The Carocell 3000 ensures no additional pollution to the environment and at the same time assures quality drinking water that has been proven to conform to the National Water Quality Standards for Malaysia.