Corporate Governance

The Pansar Group supports and recognises the importance of the principles and recommendations set out in the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2012. Being the focal point of Pansar’s corporate governance system, the Board is guided by the principles and practices established in its Board Charter to ensure that all Board members, acting collectively and individually on behalf of the Company, are aware of the specific functions of the Board, their duties and responsibilities in discharging their fiduciary and leadership functions, and the various legislations and regulations affecting their conduct; and that the principles and practices of good corporate governance are applied in all their dealings in respect of, and on behalf of, the Company.

The Code of Conduct and Ethics adopted by the Board prescribes the ethical expectations of each Director to help foster a culture of honesty, transparency, integrity and accountability. The Board ensures these underlying values and principles of the Company are inculcated and practised throughout the Group and integrated into the internal systems and processes of the Company as a fundamental part of discharging its governance responsibilities towards its shareholders and stakeholders.

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